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We regard Peter’s Farm as the ultimate veal farming concept. Working so intensively with animals is what makes being a farmer so satisfying and rewarding. Each calf is different, because they come from different dairy farms. You have to take that into consideration. You give the calves individual care. It is really about individualised calf management. 

Individualised calf management

We provide the calves with unlimited muesli. It contains grains, chunks and flaked maize. This roughage stimulates their rumen development. In addition, they get water and high quality calves' milk. The latter is supplied via an automated dispenser linked to a PC. If there is a fault, I get a message on my smartphone and can take action immediately. You can never accuse us of not feeding the calves enough or not giving them a balanced diet. 

We had a number of school classes visit in the past. It was delightful. The children were surprised at the amount of space the calves had and how light the stalls were. Of course, they all wanted to pet the calves.

  • Marco and Carla Ploegmakers
  • Located in Heesch, North Brabant
  • One child
  • A Peter's Farm since 1999
  • Interesting facts: Also produce beetroot, maize and barley. There is a nature reserve beside the Peter’s Farm, with an abundance of flora and fauna.

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Better Life (Beter Leven)

Better Life Farmer Rob Foks is proud that he raises his calves under the better life mark of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (De Nederlandse Dierenbescherming). In addition, he tries to make his company more and more sustainable.

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Experience for yourself how much space and peace there is on a Peter's Farm.

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