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The ossobuco recipe is a traditional Italian dish. This dish, which is also commonly referred to as 'Ossobuco alla Milanese', has its origins in Milan. Veal shanks serve as the basis of ossobuco. It is, in a sense, a casserole with veal, onions, carrot and celery. Marrow from the bone gives the sauce more flavour and consistency.  Since ossobuco recipes are so popular, we have chosen several ways of preparing it for you.

Ossobuco with ribbon pasta

A traditional Italian dish would, of course, not be complete without pasta. Ossobuco and ribbon pasta go perfectly together in this recipe. Together with the delicious sauce of vegetables, wine and marrow, the lemon also adds a fresh touch to it. There are, however, tomatoes in this recipe, and these are not part of the traditional Milanese recipe. 

Oven-baked ossobuco

Oven dishes are a favourite in this weather, which is why oven-baked ossobuco should not be missed. You do not need to use very much fat, or none at all, when cooking veal in an oven. A risotto with olives and tapenade is the perfect complement to this recipe.

Ossobuco alla Milanese with risotto

You need to spend some time in the kitchen for this risotto alla Milanese with ossobuco, but then again, it is also a richly filled recipe. Braised veal shanks in a succulent vegetable sauce with Milanese risotto. Let the risotto turn glassy as you stir it. Then pour in the wine and add some saffron and bring it to a boil. Let the rice sit to absorb all of the water and gradually pour in some veal stock. Let the risotto become slightly creamy in about 25 minutes and then stir in some crème fraîche with Parmesan cheese. Check out the whole ossobuco recipe with risotto


BBQ recipe with ossobuco

A BBQ is also an excellent way to make ossobuco. Check out the BBQ recipe with paprika, sweet onion and thyme. Are you interested in other BBQ recipes? You can easily find them via our recipe finder or by clicking on our BBQ recipes.

If you are also a huge fan of ossobuco recipes, then try our other ossobuco recipes that we have listed below. Success guaranteed every time!


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