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The Premium Veal

Peter's Farm Veal

Animal welfare and the freedom and rest enjoyed by the calves is reflected in the quality, tenderness and flavour of Peter's Farm Veal. Calves in herds playing with hanging balls? Yes! Take a look in one of the Peter's Farms.

Premium Veal on the menu!

Looking for top quality veal for on your menu or in the store? Then Peter's Farm Veal is the right choice. The very tender veal has a tenderness and a delicate flavor.

Check out which farm your product came from

Below you can fill in the farm code that is mentioned on the packaging.

Try these delicious veal recipies!

Mediterranean veal tagine with chickpeas, plums, Moroccan herbs, couscous and fresh coriander

Veal speciality
Veal entrecote
with linguine

Enjoy culinary 
Veal schnitzel
with potatoes

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