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We have a mixed business, consisting of dairy cattle and Peter's Farm calves. For both groups, we want to provide the highest level of animal welfare that can be achieved. For us, that means that our "cows graze in pastures" and "our calves live according to the high standards of Peter's Farm." We are, at heart, a socially responsible business. 

We belong to the first generation of Peter's Farm. In the beginning, we got a lot of interest from various parties. A highlight was the visit of Jozias van Aartsen, who was then Minister of Agriculture, who praised us for our approach. The first corporate video from Peter's Farm was shot on our property in 1997. The responses of visitors are often the same: once you see it at work, the animal-friendliness of the system is compelling. 

Lying lazily in the husbandry

This pays great dividends in the behaviour of the calves. They are very calm and often lie grouped together in the stall, sometimes fully stretched out. In the evening, as dusk falls, they begin running around, which is natural behaviour also observed in young cattle walking free in meadows. 

  • Harrie and Ine Veltkamp
  • Markelo, Overijssel
  • Three children
  • Peter's Farm since 1997
  • Interesting facts: A visit from the Minister of Agriculture.
  • Hobbies: Harrie: billiards, administrative activities including FrieslandCampina Members' Council; Ine: gardening, mosaic making, float building for the annual parade in Markelo and organization of the “Tour de Boer Hof van Twente” (Farm Tour).
    Ine: gardening, mosaic making, float building for the annual parade in Markelo and organisation of the “Tour de Boer Hof van Twente.” (Farm Tour)

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Better Life (Beter Leven)

Better Life Farmer Rob Foks is proud that he raises his calves under the better life mark of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (De Nederlandse Dierenbescherming). In addition, he tries to make his company more and more sustainable.

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Experience for yourself how much space and peace there is on a Peter's Farm.

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