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Our parents/in-laws opted for Peter's Farm in 1998 and we took over the company in 2015, fully committed to continued success. At Peter's Farm, you subscribe to the notion of individual attention and care for each calf. We're always there for them - day and night. If you are good to them, they will be good to you. At the same time, this means everyone in the family has to participate. If you cant share the veal farming duties with everyone, it's just not happening. 

'We're always there for the calves - day and night'

The farmer's life has gotten quite complex. New laws- and regulations affect the operations of every agrarian company. We also have a lot of administrative tasks that needs to be accounted for, and are subject to stringent supervision. But when you see how happy and content the animals are, those inconveniences melt away like our veal in your mouth. The power of Peter's Farm is the constant confirmation it gives you that this is the most beautiful profession in the world. You can take pleasure in seeing the calves relaxing and enjoying themselves. Moreover, when humans enter the stables, they continue lounging around or calmly get up - no stress at all. This obviously says a lot.

We're still bursting with ideas, too. For us it isn't necessarily about getting bigger. What we are aiming at, in particular, is to make great strides in sustainability and efficiency. Our dream is a new home annex stable, completely free of natural gases. And we're also exploring the possibilities of solar panels on the new shed, and an air washer. When you combine all of this with Peter's Farm's animal friendly system, I believe you've got the tools at your disposal to improve the future of the veal farming industry.

  • Erik and Ilona van Dijk
  • Living in Everdingen, Utrecht
  • 2 kids
  • A Peter's Farm since 26 September 1998
  • Peculiarities: we are the second generation of Peter's farm veal farmers.
  • Hobbies: Erik: work, repairing old timers, going to the cinema, and watching movies on the couch. Ilona: in the evenings can often be found at the sport centre teaching various sports and also playing recreational volleyball.

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