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When my father took over this veal farm in 2001, it was already a Peter’s Farm. This is a genuine family-run business. My parents, brother, my wife and I, all do our share in caring for the calves on this Peter’s Farm calf husbandry and three other sites with suitable accommodation. Personally, I love being amongst the animals and observing them. They come from many different dairy farmers. Therefore, it is important to monitor each calf in the beginning to see how they respond to the new accommodation and feed. Are they happy? If not, what can we do about it? That is always an area of focus. In any case, Janneke and I are mad about animals. I have had my goats from an early age and Janneke enjoys horseback riding and playing with the dogs in her spare time.

Pleasantly surprised by the toys in the stalls 

We once had all the store managers of a Dutch supermarktchain visit us for a presentation, a tour of the stalls and a culinary finish. They were pleasantly surprised the abundance of light, the calm and the space in the stalls, and in addition, the toys for the calves. The stalls are equipped with suspended Skippy balls, teats and wall-mounted brushes. 

We ourselves love veal. Our favourites are fillet of veal and veal escalope. We also use it to make (smoked and fresh) sausage and mince. The secret of delicious veal? Craftsmanship, good care and calm in the stalls. In short, the basic ingredients for a Peter’s Farm. I am proud that that we have built up such a successful business together.

  • Wilco and Janneke van den Berg
  • Located in Dronten, Flevoland
  • 1 child
  • A Peter's Farm since 1998
  • Interesting facts: We have solar panels on the roof of the farm.
  • Hobbies: Wilco: goats and gardening; Janneke: horseback riding (dressage) and the dogs.

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Better Life (Beter Leven)

Better Life Farmer Rob Foks is proud that he raises his calves under the better life mark of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (De Nederlandse Dierenbescherming). In addition, he tries to make his company more and more sustainable.

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Experience for yourself how much space and peace there is on a Peter's Farm.

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