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We are the Foks family and we live in Emst in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Our whole family helps out on our farm; even our future sons-in-law lend a hand. That’s also what makes a family business so enjoyable. Until 2021, we shared the running of a Peter’s Farm in Emst, together with my brother-in-law Roel Keizer. In 2022, we built a new Peter’s Farm calf shed in Vaassen where the Keizer family now lives. At each of those locations, we help each other and lend a hand where necessary. 

Recently, we made our business more sustainable by investing in solar collectors and solar panels. By doing that, we fulfilled our responsibility to be a good steward as described in the Bible and to produce meat in a responsible way. It’s also important in life to have hobbies and one of ours is preparing veal on the BBQ, so that we can also introduce other people to this wonderfully tender meat. 


The accommodation is excellent here. The calves live in herds and they all have a microchip, as a result of which the computer knows precisely what each animal needs.Therefore, there’s no stress at feeding time. People are surprised to see more animals in the shed than they were expecting. They actually have all the space they need. It’s only once they’re fully grown that it becomes busier in the shed. I sometimes say they live like they’re on holiday here. They get their food and drink on time, without a care in the world. What I am proud of? The whole Peter's Farm concept. I know myself that farm life doesn’t come better than this. It’s good for the animals, they’re fed optimally, they have clean stalls and they live together.

  • Rob and Dietske Foks
  • Located in Emst, Gelderland
  • 6 children
  • A Peter's Farm since 2006
  • Highlight: The brothers-in-law Roel Keizer and Rob Foks share the running of two Peter’s Farm veal farms. Roel runs the farm in Vaassen, while Rob runs the farm in Emst.

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Better Life (Beter Leven)

Better Life Farmer Rob Foks is proud that he raises his calves under the better life mark of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (De Nederlandse Dierenbescherming). In addition, he tries to make his company more and more sustainable.

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