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2011 was a year of milestones for us. We moved to Uddel and started a Peter's Farm. Before that, we owned a cattle and sheep farm in the Groene Hart, the green heart of the Netherlands. Above all, we are farmers. Everything we do concerns animals. Jan has been working with livestock since he was 18. He even devotes his spare time to it. The veal farm in Uddel offered us a new challenge: Because of its high standards for animal welfare, we could experience a unique way of rearing calves that appealed to us. It's known as Peter's Farm.


In addition to housing calves in groups, we also keep Peter's Farm calves. They can roam free among the herd and enjoy a lot of space and fun distractions. It's great to see how much they love rubbing themselves against brushes and playing with hop balls. Jan organises all aspects when it comes to feeding and caring for the calves, Dicky helps out and takes care of the business side of things. 

Regulations are important, but this is also about the welfare of our animals. This is in great hands at a Peter's Farm. We spend a lot of time in the cowshed to observe the calves. Using computers, we keep track of what they eat and drink. We monitor their health in other ways as well. We have installed a sanitation area to protect our calves from diseases. People regularly complement us on how clean our farm looks.

  • Jan and Dicky Berkelaar
  • Located in Uddel, Gelderland
  • A Peter's Farm since 2011
  • Hobbies: Jan: keeping suckler cows and double-muscled cows. Dicky: gardening and growing fruits and vegetables in our greenhouse (e.g. lettuce and melons). 

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Better Life (Beter Leven)

Better Life Farmer Rob Foks is proud that he raises his calves under the better life mark of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (De Nederlandse Dierenbescherming). In addition, he tries to make his company more and more sustainable.

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Experience for yourself how much space and peace there is on a Peter's Farm.

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