Peter’s Farm veal brand celebrates 10 years in business!


Last week,
Peter’s Farm celebrated its tenth anniversary. Peter’s Farm produces a range of veal brand products. The development of the Peter’s Farm concept was initiated at an Alpuro test farm back in 1996. The Peter’s Farm brand was officially launched on 27 May 1997.

At a special anniversary get-together, the Peter’s farm organisation was joined by its veal farmers to look back on the last ten years. "Today, the Peter’s Farm brand has developed into a successful brand meat with a clear message for the consumer. The five key principles of the brand (Quality, Animal Welfare, Traceability, Safety and Open Information) have proven their worth by now. Customers like Albert Heijn, Coop, Waitrose, Tesco, Harrods, Selfridges, KaDeWe and Metro have made a conscious decision to stock Peter’s Farm® Veal. In addition to fresh veal products, the Peter’s Farm range has since expanded to include Veal Carpaccio, Vitello Tonnato, Fillet of Veal and a variety of sliced cold meats. And we can expect even more innovations in the immediate future. On average, the Peter’s Farm website handles nearly 200,000 hits per month."

This is how Korstiaan Mulderij, Director of Peter’s Farm, outlined the current situation in his presentation. Today,
Peter’s Farm exports the better part of its production to a multitude of countries within and beyond the European market. Indeed, thanks to considerable increase in demand, Peter’s Farm is on the look-out for even more veal farmers to add to its roster. Jan Blokzijl, Sales & Marketing Manager at Peter’s Farm, explains that conditions are favourable for the brand. "The Peter’s Farm brand is a strong brand that enjoys considerable consumer confidence. We export to a growing number of national markets. In addition, our retail share in a higher quality sector is expanding at both the national and international level. We are proud that we are able to offer a range of other products including sliced cold meats and meal components on top of our regular selection of fresh meat products."

One of the guest speakers was Mr Erik Vorenkamp, Senior Category Manager of Meat & Fish at Albert Heijn. Mr Vorenkamp had the following to say: "Albert Heijn is pleased with
Peter’s Farm. Peter’s Farm is a progressive concept founded on a commitment to animal welfare. Peter’s Farm is an example of transparency towards the consumer. We definitely intend to continue working with Peter’s Farm, because as a concept, it has an added value that corresponds with the Albert Heijn philosophy. The match between Albert Heijn and Peter’s Farm has proved its worth."

Mr Bert van de Berg, Policy Advisor at the Dutch Organisation for the Protection of Animals, had the following to add: "To this day, Peter’s Farm has managed to hold on to its lead in the area of animal welfare. The calves at a Peter’s Farm facility have more space to move around, to walk and run, to lie in peace and to engage in group behaviour. The byre is equipped with teats, brushes and kangaroo balls for the calves to play with. Individual monitoring via an automated drinking facility, transparency with regard to the origin of the veal and a webcam in the byre are all strong points in the concept’s favour. Another advantage of the Peter’s Farm concept is that the veal is offered under its own brand and that it is marketed with its own story."

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